Alcohol Induced Game Development 16 Nov, Oslo

Her kan du poste helt andre ting. Teste avatarer, skrive kjærlighetsbrev osv

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Alcohol Induced Game Development 16 Nov, Oslo

Legg innav [TAB] » tor 08 nov, 2012

Hey all! We are a bunch of happy-go-lucky game artists and 3D/GFX people who want to get together for some "neerding" and beer. We are about a steady crew of 10 people from professionals to noobs and we have had this meet up a couple of times already to great success (and hangovers).


Gamedevelopment can be a lonely profession and we do this to get in contact with each other/other studios, discuss workflow/programs and most importantly, talk games AND drink beer!

New members are welcome to join! Just drop by and look for the table-top signs. Feel free to msg me if you have a question.

We're at this time around, from 18:00 till dawn.

For more info and to spy on who is going:

Cya there!

PS: Please bring Game-prototypes for gametesting X)
PPS: Vi snakker også Norsk :D
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Legg innav Saberril » tor 08 nov, 2012

Damit :/ drar til roma den helga! men blir lett med neste gang! :D
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Legg innav Tronotrond » tor 08 nov, 2012

I'd definitively join if I were in Oslo..
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